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all images, inclusive of designs, renderings and constructs contained herein Copyright 2013 Victor Prebor III All rights reserved


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Polk Museum of Art inaugural ART CRAWL

November 16, 2013

I had a great time at the 2013 Art Crawl event in Lakeland Florida. To cap off an enjoyable day, I received a second place ribbon for my body of work. The ribbon and award money was much appreciated. I would like to congratulate Arron Crawl who won first place, Susan Best the third place winner and Rita Garrison the people's choice award

For this show I unveiled a new series of wall constructs. I have been combining my 2 dimensional works with 3 dimensional sculptures or constructs for years. This was the first time I combined my 3 dimensional constructs with photography. I did not want to simply frame the images - I want to create an integral 3 dimensional composition. The constructs are made from small dimensional wood (primarily poplar and oak) laminated together to form larger blocks. These are formed using grinders and sanding devices to create the desired shape. The wood is either painted or stained. Aluminum angles, plywood, found objects and digital images printed on metal are combined to form the overall composition. The photographs are images I have taken from throughout the country.

We had a light rain that stayed with us throughout the day. While the rain kept the number of visitors down it did little to dampen the spirits of the exhibitors. We were all very much appreciative of the (1500?) art lovers who came with umbrellas in tow. The lighter crowd allowed time for more casual conversations with visitors.

I would like to thank the entire staff at Polk Museum of Art. Events such as these do not take place without considerable effort. The entire staff of Polk Museum of Art was very accommodating, helpful and positive.


863.255.7033     gallery:  130 S. Massachusetts Ave. Suite 212  Lakeland, FL 33809
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