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all images, inclusive of designs, renderings and constructs contained herein Copyright 2013 Victor Prebor III All rights reserved



Art and Architecture have always been Victor’s passion. Originally approached as two independent disciplines today he strives to replace that separation with integration – architecture as art - art as architecture.

From 1973 to 1993 Victor worked as a Freelance Commercial Artist doing architectural delineation, animal portature, as well as producing illustrations for both magazine and newspaper.

In 1993 he received his MA in Studio Art from The University of South Florida.

Upon graduation his focus switched to Fine Art producing both commissioned and non commissioned work while pursuing a parallel career in architecture. As a crossover artist he combines 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional components into a single work. 2D drawings or paintings collide with, wrap around or are applied directly to the 3D wood constructions. His photography continues that duality of exploration. Here he looks for the commonality between the constructed world and the natural one - between the 2 dimensionality of the photographic medium and the 3 dimensions of both object and space. Regardless of the media, his work exhibits a powerful sense of energy and movement. Exhibiting throughout the SE, his work has been featured in both print and TV. Today his art is included in many private and civic collections including The City of Lakeland, The City of Clearwater, PSC, USF, Sun Trust Bank, Vista Profession Center.

Victor has received numerous awards for both art and architectural design. In 2001 he was awarded the Eduardo Garcia award for a body of architecture and visual art of which the jury commented that his “presentation represents the embodiment of an award designed to recognize architect as artist – architecture as art”.

2013 Exhibits

Solo exhibits



Mitchell's Coffee House and Gallery

Biomonic Frequencies

Photography and 3D works

La Porta Rosa Restaurant and Visual Concepts Gallery

Group Exhibits

Photography and Sculpture Show

Arts on the Park Center for the Arts

Fine Arts Compatition

Ridge Art

Artfull Bowl



863.255.7033     gallery:  130 S. Massachusetts Ave. Suite 212  Lakeland, FL 33809
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